1. Africa: The Ancestral Home of Human Beings

digital collage image showing martin lovis face profile with human skull and continent of Afrca.

Fossil remains seem to indicate that Africa is the ancestral home of modern human beings.

I see ALL races of people as ONE race of human beings - each with a COMMON African ancestry - that some have forgotten and others choose to forget.

As a matter of fact - All healthy human beings have exactly the same colour of skeletal bones - which are typically white due to the high calcium content.


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2. Mystical Table Mountain: One of the UNESCO Seven NEW Natural Wonders of the World

The African human shadow face profile that appears, just after dawn, around the Autumn equinox on the east side of the Table Mountain range in Cape Town South Africa, photo by Martin Lovis, 2020
The African "dawn" shadow face profile that appears just after dawn on Table Mountain (photo Martin Lovis 2020) but only for a few days each year.
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Do you see a magical mystical giant shadow face in the picture above?

The five  East Side buttresses stand out pale blue sky with high cirrus clouds and show almost no shadows on or between the craggy buttresses.
The east side of Table Mountain above Newlands Forest

Some normal sighted people don't see pareidolia images as quickly as others so this picture has a red outline overlay showing the position of the shadow face. here outlined in red line.
The red outline in the above picture is a clue to where to "see" the magical African Dawning shadow face.


Watch the magical African Dawning shadow face appear - click the video link below:

African Dawning. video by Martin Lovis.mp4 by Martin Lovis

Time Lapse Video. Play Time: 25 seconds. File Size: 22.9 MB.


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3. Devil's Peak - A Striking Mountain Giant feature of Table Mountain

monstrous looking mountain looms on the horizon facing up in defiance of the clear blue sky overhead
Devil's Peak above the University of Cape Town (UCT)

This image od Devil's Peak has an added illustrated eye to help the viewer "see" the devil face.
Devil's Peak (with an illustrated eye) to help you see the devil

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4. Sleeping Giants - are BIG but they can still be hard to spot - unless you know where to look !

A close up image of the Fernwood sleeping giant image appearing to be being kissed by the African shadow face.
Here is a Sleeping Giant (outlined in Yellow) next to the African shadow face

Close up view in bright sun under pale blue sky showing a number of big graggy grey boulders with green grass like vegetation growing on and around them on the Window buttress, Table Mountain, east side
See the Sleeping Giant here? ...

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5. Cape Town Garden Wildlife - An AMAZING bio diversity in the backyard!

Multicoloured Bokbaai Vygies.
Multi coloured Bokbaai Vygies

Rain Spider with egg sac in the Clivias
A Rain Spider (female) guarding her egg sac, see more ..

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