Africa - Our Ancestral Home

Fossil remains seem to indicate that Africa is the ancestral home of modern human beings.

digital collage image showing profile face of  Martin L:ovis and a human skull superimposed with a map of africa to show how the continent shape of Africa resembles a human skull - hence our human origins ancestry
Martin Lovis African Ancestral Home (Self Portrait) 2015.

The first time I visualized the above self portrait picture I was in my London studio way back in 1979.

There was a large National Geographic map of Africa stuck on the back of my studio door. I often stared at it and felt, instinctively, that Africa was my ancestral and spiritual home and that I was on a home-coming journey back to Africa.

The shape of the African continent, particularly with the eye-like shape of Lake Victoria which borders Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, appeared to me to resemble the profile of a human skull and was therefore a clue about the origins of our common human ancestry in Africa.

I don't see people in terms of race - I just see people as one race of human beings with a common African ancestry that some have forgotten and others choose to forget.

As a matter of fact, all healthy human beings have exactly the same bones and these bones are exactly the same colour - which are typically white due to the calcium content.

I had to wait for digital imaging software to be introduced and only then was I able to create, as you see above, a digital collage of my face combined with the shape of the African continent and a human skull (not mine) to realize my African Ancestral Home self portrait vision, as an artwork.


However, there are more signs of our common African Ancestral home..


The African "dawn" human shadow face profile that appears, just after dawn, around the Autumn equinox on the east side of the Table Mountain range in Cape Town South Africa, photo by Martin Lovis, 2020
The African "dawn" shadow face profile that appears just after dawn on Table Mountain (photo Martin Lovis 2020) but only for a few days each year.
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African Shadow Face-by Martin Lovis 2021.mp4 from Martin Lovis on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Video: Play Time: 43 seconds, File Size 36.2 MB.


African Dawning. video by Martin Lovis.mp4 from Martin Lovis on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Video. Play Time: 25 seconds. File Size: 22.9 MB.


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