Do you see a shadow that looks like human face profile in the picture below?

Bright sunlit view of the rugged cleft buttresses and scattard vegetation on the east side of Table Mountain showing deep shadows one of which resembles the profile of a person.
The East Side of Table Mountain.

Some sighted people don't see pareidolia images as quickly as others so this picture has a red outline overlay showing the position of the shadow face.
Here it is, the natural mystical shadow face on Table Mountain, outlined above in red.


Pareidolia shadow face Table Mountain, South Africa, 2020.
Another day, another time, another picture, another face.


African Shadow Face, by Martin Lovis 2021 from Martin Lovis on Vimeo.
Time Lapse Video. Play Time: 43 seconds. File Size: 36.2MB.


Panoramic view of five buttresses on Table Mountain east side with their names overlaid in white colour text.
The names of five of the several buttresses on the east side of Table Mountain.

This shadow face on Table Mountain is a type of optical illusion known as a 'pareidolia' and is a natural and mystical phenomenon caused by the angle of sunlight shining on Protea Buttress which casts the pareidolia shadow face image onto Fernwood Buttress.

But, as you will see below, there is more than one face on the mystical East Side of Table Mountain.

This shadow face appears for only a few weeks every year and can be seen from almost anywhere in Cape Town that looks towards the east side of Table Mountain but, depending on the viewing location, a slightly different face shape may appear.

The sandstone foundation of Table Mountain began forming underwater over 500 million years ago and then, about 150 million years later, it became a mountain island in the sea and then it became a mountain on a peninsula as we see it today.

The original indigenous Khoisan people of the Cape of South Africa call Table Mountain "Hoerikwaggo" which means "Mountain in the Sea" and so their ancestors were obviously living in the area at the time and saw then a mountain island surrounded by the sea and not a mountain on a land peninsula as it appears today.


Below is a series of photographs taken over several weeks showing the gradual appearance and disappearance of the natural mystical shadow face profile of Table Mountain.


Be UPLIFTED and INSPIRED - this is NOT a hoax !

Sunlit view of the five buttresses with craggy outcrops throwing deep shadows out of one of which the shadow face is gradually forming.

Warm sunlit bathed view over Newlands forest  of four protruding buttresses and the shadow face has nose eys and forehead but lips not fully formed.

The buttresses on cold clear sunlit morning four with blue shadows showing the face in sharp almost African ceremonial mask like appearance.

Fernwood and Protea buttresses swathed in warm sunlight under azure blue sky and shadow face almost fully formed to look more recognizeable as a face profile.

Panoramic view of buttresses in hazy warm sunshine with the shadow face fully formed resembling the features of a face in profile.

Dramatic warm sunlit view overlooking Newlands forest under dappled sunlight with tablecloth cloud covering most of the buttresses and partly covering the shadow face.

Panoramic view over  the Newlands forest valley to Table mountain in the distance showing the African shadow face fully formed in clear autumnal sunlight. Mystical!!!
The Mystical Face is now fully formed,

Closer up view of Fernwood and Protea buttresses swathed in warm autumn sunlight looking deeper into the shadow that still forms the shadow face.
..then it gradually changes,

Close up view of the shadow face shadow between Fernwood and Protea buttresses still shows an African resemblance.

Craggy buttresses sit up proud in early morning sun showing deep shadows and the face changing shape again under a cool blue sky with high wispy white cirrus clouds.

Mountain buttresses basking in cool hazy blue light with deep grey blue shadows and the mystical face changed into just a new shadow shape.

The five named East Side buttresses stand out cold and grey against pale blue sky with high cirrus clouds and show almost no shadows on or between the craggy buttresses.

To see VIDEOS of the The Face on Table Mountain appearing, Click/Tap HERE


Table Mountain has its own climate which makes it interesting and challenging to photograph.

Conditions for photography are perfect one moment but then change suddenly and dramatically.

Dramatic view showing  patches of sun light and shade on the mountain and forest casued by sunlight filtering through overhead grey clouds that cast cloud shadows on the mountain and forest in streaks of light and shade.

Mountain buttresses almost completly covered in heavy rain clouds and the forest below is covered in a low hanging mist.

Panoramic distant view of Table Mountain east side Devil's Peak under blue green haze on a clear sunny day with clear blue sky overhead.
There is often a blue haze after noon due to climatic conditions on the mountain.

The mountain buttresses in the distance with a long narrow strip of white clouds about half way up the mountainside on bright sunny day.

Hight tops of Fernwood, Protea and Hiddingh buttresses almost completly covered in low white clouds with patches of sunlight filtering through the clouds onto the Fernwood and Protea buttresses.

Moonlight reflected on buttresses of Table Mountain with  red and white stars above and tiny house in the distance at the foot of the mountain with their house lights on.
Moonlight on the mountain.

Six buttresses of table Mountain bathed in early morning warm yellow sunlight, deep shadows between the buttresses and bright clear blue sky above and a three quarter moon sinking down below the mountain horizon left of scene.
Sun rise at Moon set.

Harsh rugged craggy buttress outcrops showing pale grey sandstone layers and green patches of vegetation on the slopes.
The Hiddingh and Erica buttresses.

Soft light view of craggy outcrops of heavy weatheresBeautiful distant view of the buttresses under clear sunlight showing the craggy effect of thousands of years erosion of the sandstone layers  with Newlands forest trees dark green on the lower slopes of the mountain side.
The Hiddingh, Erica and Els buttresses.

The six main buttresses of Table Mountain east side seen from a distance on a clear sunny day under blue sky  with some high white clouds.
from left, Window, Fernwood, Protea, Hiddingh, Erica and Els buttresses.

Close up view of the natural sandstone rock formation on top of the buttress that resemble the body of a cokeral followed by  smaller chicks.
The Cockerel and Chicks.

Close up view under morning light that has a red orange colouration with green vegetation covering most of the rocky outcrops of the buttress.

Nursery buttress at sundown behind in dark sillouette  clearly  showing the cockerel and chicks outlined on the horizon.
The Cockerel and Chicks at sundown.

Closer view of the buttresses under warm yellow morining sun with Newlands forest trees creeping up the mountain slopes and a  tiny rock formation in the horizon called The Pulpit.
Erica and Els buttresses and The Pulpit.

Closer view of The Pulpit, that resembles a church lecturn, standing up on its own on the mountain horizon beween Els buttress and Devil's Peak.
The Pulpit.

Hazy blue green view with tiny figure of a person on top of The Pulpit waving and shows just how huge is The Pulpit
The Pulpit (maximum zoom with low resolution camera) showing someone standing on top!

East side of Table Mountain  on warm sunny day with different shades of green vegetation in the valley below the mountain and on its sides.

The mountain under cloud looks sombre grey brown but some of the forest valley below is in bright sunshine.

Clear light view of Fernwood and Protea buttresses on clear sunny day with dark shadows and craggy sandstone layers clearly defined showing undulations in the formation of the layers.

Very close up view under bright yellow reflected sunlight on undulating  sandstone layers that make up Table Mountain and shows years of erosion and distortions that are partly covered in green vegetation.
These sedimentary layers are millions of years old.

Closer view of the tops of the Fernwood and Protea buttresses in clear sunlight showing tall trees  on top and craggy sandstone layers below.

Very close view of the sandstone sedimentary layers that form Table Mountain.

Very close view of the sandstone sedimentary layers showing the centuries old upheaval of the formation of Table Mountain.

Close up view of the sedimentary sandstone layers coloured pale grey and ochre brown with green vegetation growing on the ledges and in the crevices.

Distant view of a fire in Newlands forest  with a rising column of blue white smoke and a bright yellow helicopter dropping water in spray onto the smoke.
The Working on Fire organisation water bombing a fire by helicopter on Table Mountain.



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